How to Play Nice in The Sandbox

(Even When Times Get Tough)


Healthy Relationships At Work = More Profit

Conflict at work is a drain on productivity and profit—costing you and your business thousands of dollars and causing undue stress for employees.

While teamwork takes personal responsibility to support your business, conflict inevitably rears its ugly head with so many different personalities and can take its toll on even the best of your A-players.

Every office has it, yet conflict is so incredibly misunderstood. We’re attached to it, we fear it, but once we embrace it, we can overcome it and even prevent it.

Join me for a two-day Public Seminar.

Conquer your fears about conflict and gain confidence in leading yourself and others into a more productive and profitable state.

Don’t you wish people would just show up and do the job they’re being paid for?

You can't build a castle on quicksand.

Does this sound familiar?


The resumé was spot on, but the employee can’t play nice in the sandbox with other co-workers…


You have an employee who goes from 0 to 11 if a stapler is out of place...


The chatter by water cooler moves from gossip to an office divided before you even get your morning coffee...


Your company is going through some systematic changes, and the team can't...won't adapt...


Your employees are consumed with the office drama and productivity is at an all-time low...


You have employees calling in sick and/or taking extended time away due to a lack of respect and personal responsibility


You’re losing money daily because conflict continues to tear the office apart

I get it.

Leading a sales team into the million dollar club looks easy on paper, but the success I had didn't come without conflict along the way. Personality differences, mis-interpretations, and grudges clouded our success as a team; That is, until we actually learned to embrace the conflict and move through it.

Here's the thing: We all have a suitcase full of baggage that we bring to work. It's through unpacking that baggage—through constructive dialogue and empathy—that we are able to break down the walls that keep us from being on top of our game. You're a leader and conflict is part of the package, but it can be managed and even transformed into profit.

Maximize Team Potential With Productive Relationships At Work Using Your Sandbox Factor

Let's face it, the office is like another home. We spend as many waking hours with colleagues as we do with family. If we have to be there, we better get along.

It is possible to take a diverse group of individuals and create a peaceful, productive, and profitable workplace. Just imagine what it would be like to walk out the door in the morning looking forward to the day ahead. Or, how would it feel to be in a meeting and you lose track of time (rather than staring at the clock) because so much is getting done and the team is feeling really good about it? What would it look like if everyone in the office had just a little bit more patience and empathy? What if everyone was an A-player and took personal responsibility for their behavior and output? How is this possible?

Because you're a leader. And because you have it in you to be the guide that helps your employees "unpack their suitcase" and leave baggage behind in order to better resolve conflict and proudly produce results.

There is a better way to manage people, give them room to grow and thrive, while making the workplace a healthy environment where ideas flourish and innovation happens.

I can help.

I'm Penny Tremblay


In my early twenties, I led a sales team into the Million Dollar Club using proven strategies. I then founded the Tremblay Leadership Center, where I developed the PLAY NICE in the Sandbox System and wrote Give and Be Rich, and Increase Your Sandbox Factor.

Throughout my career I've mastered the art of infusing relationship skills training, conflict resolution and team productivity concepts into international workplaces. My advanced mediation training from Harvard and years of workplace conflict resolution, transfer excellent stories, experiences and skills to thousands who become empowered to climb their ladder to success.

"Captivating, from beginning to end."

“ I was thoroughly engaged. My mind often wanders, but Penny was able to keep me and everyone else focused and entertained. After her visit, I felt motivated, enthusiastic, happy, and inspired. I was impressed and felt like I had just walked out of a TED Talk.”

—J.Maya, WABI Iron and Steel

Two Days. Tools That Last Your Entire Career.

Conflict Resolution and Team Building For HR Leaders and Their Employees

Join me for a live event, you will learn easy to apply tips, tools and phrases that produce breakthrough results as you navigate through change, system improvements or difficult personalities and behaviours.

Learn how to:

Communicate with clarity and assertiveness

 Confront challenging conversations with confidence

Move through conflict to collaboration

During these two days, you'll get first-hand access to How To Play Nice In The Sandbox. Each day, we'll address how to apply my PLAY NICE system so that you can increase your Sandbox Factor and support the success of your employees as individuals and as a team.

Day 1 – P.L.A.Y. 

Participants discover how to:

P • osition themselves for solid performance

L • ighten their load by unpacking old patterns

A • ctively listen to understand the big picture

Y • our WHY How their WHY power guides and grounds them

Day 2 – N.I.C.E.

Participants discover how to:

N • urture relationships; role model respectful behaviour

I • nclude everyone with an environment that feels welcome and safe

C • onfront challenging conversations with confidence and assertiveness

E • mpathize with balance: person-to-person connection and constructive feedback

Why Managers and Their Teams Should Attend

Suitable for all staff, managers and senior leaders, this workshop offers current trends and techniques for dealing with our most important assets … our people! Those recently promoted to management or wanting to be promoted are highly encouraged to adopt the skills learned over these two days. 


It's a One-Time Opportunity

Public events at the cities listed below below are a one-time opportunity to provide economical, local training options for Northern Ontario employers. Take advantage of this public option before it's gone. 


It's Cost-Effective

The cost for this two-day workshop is less expensive than one day in the GTA. Save travel costs while strengthening your team’s capacity.

Only $399 for both days, with 10% off for 5+ participants, and 15% off for 10+ people.


Everyone's Responsible

Great team work is everyone’s responsibility; that’s why inspiration for personal responsibility first, then leading and influencing others are delivered in this program. You can’t build a castle on quicksand. You need employees buy-in. You're the person who can persuade after this workshop!


Communication Skills Are Dying

The more technologically connected we are, the more disconnected we are becoming as a human race. Interpersonal skills need practice. People connect face-to-face, and generational patterns in the workplace don’t support a balance of human connection with technology. Let's change that! I'm providing do’s and don’ts for digital communication to help participants discern the best media for difficult conversations.


As internet sensation, Sweet Brown says “Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That!”.

Employees spend an average of 2.8 hours per week dealing with conflict. That’s $350 billion dollars in paid hours, or 385 million days of lost productivity in North America. Ouch!! Your time is valuable. Peace = Productivity = Profit!

"Great initiative, and great training choice."

“I had two sessions with Penny. All in all very fruitful and instructive. We really went through a lot of stuff, and I have to say it was the best meeting of this kind I have ever had over my career.”

—J.Charette, Normet Canada Inc

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Join me and make an impact bigger than you ever thought possible!

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"You continue to amaze me."

Your skill at relaying the information so that it hits’ home and I get it…I am in awe of it. I am thankful for your knowledge. Lots of ah-ha moments once again.

—S. Gregorini, Manager, Sagamok First Nation

"Penny is absolutely amazing at what she does."

She created a warm and welcoming space that I felt completely comfortable to share and discuss conflict. She’s a great listener with zero judgment, just love. I walked in with a heavy heart feeling confused about a conflict, and left feeling light-hearted with a new perspective on my situation. Can’t thank you enough.

—Penny A.Huges, Realtor, Re/Max

“Penny provided exceptional training to our office staff that inspired and energized my team."

She is sincere, hard-working and provides an excellent experience. I highly recommend you use her for your next staff training session, she was fantastic.

—J. Sampson, Bayshore Home Health Care

Have Questions?

Contact us at [email protected]  705-358-3396

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations received up to 10 days prior to the course will be refunded. We regret no refunds for registration fees can be provided after that date, however substitutions are acceptable without prior notice.

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